Robert Bateman Drawing (signed)

Here is a drawing that I had done in a matter of two days…The reason for drawing it in such a short time frame was because I didn’t know Robert Bateman was going to be at his gallery for Earth Day up until the weekend it was happening so I wanted to take advantage of the fact that he was going to be there since he is a really popular Canadian artist.

The event ended up being sold out unfortunately but I went to the front desk of the gallery anyways to see if I could get my drawing signed by him. The lady had seen it then said “Wait right here, he’ll be a minute.” So at my amazement, he came around the corner and said “So you wanted to meet me?” I said yes of course and then we shook hands. Once he seen the drawing…he gave me the biggest compliment possible. He gazed at the drawing with his glasses on his nose then looked at me with a smirk. He said “I’m really impressed, that has to be the best drawing that anyone has ever done of me.” So from one really experienced artist to a young artist, compliments like that mean a lot. He then asked me to spell out my name for him so he could sign it but when I was saying my name….he had misheard me say Alliffia instead of what it really is… now “Alliffia” sits upon my drawing in his autograph. Lol. Anyways, it all tells a story, no matter the mistakes.



The PM of Israel Drawing is Signed!

I am so excited to release the fact that my drawing of Benjamin Netanyahu is now signed. I got it back in the mail a few months ago but I haven’t had a chance until now to give an update on it. The drawing even came in the mail with a fancy folder with a gold seal and a really nice envelope with their gold seal on it. It really is fantastic to know that another Prime Minister has taken the time to sign someones piece of art. I thank him for taking a minute to sign it!11220090_10201006006949880_3887151416361259387_n

PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Here is a drawing of the Israeli Prime Minister. I found a nice high definition picture of him online so I decided to use it. The great thing about this drawing is the fact that a couple days ago, I got the approval from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Israel to send it their way since Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to sign it himself! The drawing is on it’s way! I will post a picture of the signed result when I get it back in the mail.


Here is a drawing of a coworker. I chose to draw him because I thought he had some of the most beautiful lines to put my pencil around. From how the eye brows are shaped around the brow bone to the soft upper lip that curves handsomely into the corners of the mouth, my drawing came together nicely. I have already shown him the drawing and he quite liked it. I sent him a picture of it via email so he could show his family.


Rick Perry

This is one of my newest drawings that I have finished. It took me some good time because I had to stop working on it for a bit and come back. I had done a previous drawing of him before but it did not have the quality to it that I had wanted since I had only used a pencil and an eraser and didn’t have any smudging materials with me. But this one certainly impressed me so I had to post it. I’m going to have to get is signed by Mr.Perry at some point.


Signed Gregg Saretsky

I quite like this one. Gregg Saretsky is the CEO of WestJet. My mother works in the same building as he does as a maintenance programs analyst here in Calgary so she sees him often. So my mother got it signed for me. The reason I wanted it signed is because he’s won many top business awards and I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection if I drew him and got it signed. I can tell you by doing this, my artwork has 10x the effectiveness of a business card. It’s worked so I will continue to do this sort of thing. So I will move onto drawing another CEO or politician!